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STEP 1 - Get the lashes off their glue strip by gently pulling the lashband (never pull the lashes!) with the applicator or a tweezer. Try grabbing the ends and not the middle!


STEP 2 - Size your falsies to match your eyes. Hold them over the lashline to see where the end should be. 


STEP 3 - Cut the ends of the lashes to where it should be. Reminder: be extremely careful with the cutting, because you don't want to cut in the lashes on the part you're going to wear!!!


STEP 4 - Apply the Black Latex Free Lashglue or your lashglue of choice to the lashband, let it get tacky for 20-30 seconds.


STEP 5 - Place the falsies on your lashline with the lashapplicator and press the falsies together with your lashes with your fingers or the lashapplicator. 


STEP 1 - Remove the falsies by lifting the band in the inner corner of your eye and gently pull the band off your eyes. You can use the tweezers that came with the lashesNever pull the lashes!


STEP 2 (if there is a lot of glue build-up) - Try to remove the glue off the band by using a tweezer or your fingertips to gently pull off the glue.


STEP 3 - If there is mascara on the falsies, clean that off by using a mascarabrush/spoolie. Gently brush the falsies to get rid of the mascara


STPE 4 - Put the falsies back in their box to keep them away from any dust or dirt. If you repeat these steps with every wear, the falsies can be used up to 25 times or more!